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Privacy PolicyPrivacy Policy

HISAKADO CO.,LTD (Hereinafter "the Company") acknowledges that the proper protection of personal information is an important responsibility, and in response to this responsibility, the company will strive for the preservation of personal information based on the following policies.

  • 1. Management of personal information

    The Company appoints the management administrator in relation to the customer's personal information, and properly manages it in accordance with the rules regarding the company's privacy policy.

  • 2. Purpose of use and the scope of data

    When the Company asks the customer to offer personal information such as name, address, telephone number, or Email address, the Company clearly informs the customer regarding the purpose of use etc., and the Company will collect personal information only within the proper scope of data.

  • 3. Use of personal information

    The Company uses customer's personal information only within the purpose of the scope of data which has been permitted by the customer.

  • 4. Prohibition to provide and disclose to a third party

    The Company will not provide or disclose personal information to a third party unless the customer permits it. However, this limit will not apply in the event of the following cases.

    When public instructions such as courts and the police request release of information in accordance with regulations and laws.
    When the regulations and laws stipulate.
    When it's feared that the customer or the third party may lose their life, health and properties, and when the consent of the person is not obtained.
    When an action occurs against the laws and regulations or the Company's terms of use and precaution statement, the Company's right, properties or service shall be protected or defended, however, it's not possible to obtain consent of the person.

  • 5. Ensure and improve information security

    The Company will ensure and improve information security continuously, in order to avoid leaks, loss and falsification of customer's personal information etc.

  • 6. Correspondence for the disclosure and correction of personal information

    The Company will correspond within a reasonable period and range after confirming the identification of the customer who has made a request, when the customer requests the disclosure or the correction of the customer's personal information.